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“Low Tide” Acrylic on Masonite 30"h x 40"w “Low Tide” Alfred McNamara $1,250 inquire
Picture Windows Acrylic on Masonite 24"h x 30"w Picture Windows Alfred McNamara $950 inquire
Dining Room Acrylic on Masonite 24"h x 30"w Dining Room Alfred McNamara $950 inquire
Winter Brook Oil on Masonite 31-3/4"h x 32"w Winter Brook Joseph Di Gemma $3,250 inquire
“Pigeon Cove Harbor” Oil on Canvas 23-3/4"h x 31"w “Pigeon Cove Harbor” Joseph Di Gemma $5,000 inquire
Rockport Street Oil on Masonite 24"h x 30"w Rockport Street Joseph Di Gemma $3,250 inquire
Ten Pound Island Oil on Masonite 24"h x 30"w Ten Pound Island Joseph Di Gemma $2,750 inquire
“Eastern Point Light, Gloucester” Oil on Masonite 23-3/4"h x 29-1/2"w “Eastern Point Light, Gloucester” Joseph Di Gemma $3,250 inquire
Hilltop View Oil on Masonite 24"h x 36"w Hilltop View Joseph Di Gemma $2,250 inquire