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Wildflowers Oil on Canvas 25"h x 30"w Wildflowers Marjorie Very $ inquire
Fish Houses, Lowell Cove, Harpswell Maine Oil on Canvas 16" x 18" Fish Houses, Lowell Cove, Harpswell Maine W.A. Hill $850 inquire
“Across Coachella Valley” Oil on Artistboard 14"h x 18"w “Across Coachella Valley” George Barker (slr) $1,250 inquire
Pink Valley Oil on Artistboard 14"h x 18"w Pink Valley George Barker $950 inquire
Valley Road Oil on Panel 12"h x 16"w Valley Road George Barker $950 inquire
Purple Mesa Oil on Artistboard 16"h x 20"w Purple Mesa George Barker $1,100 inquire
Mountain View thru Brush Oil on Artistboard 14"h x 18"w Mountain View thru Brush George Barker $1,250 inquire
Cacti in Hills Oil on Linen 12"h x 16"w Cacti in Hills George Barker $1,250 inquire
Field of Trees Oil on Artistboard 14"h x 18"w Field of Trees George Barker $1,250 inquire