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fiske boyd

An exhibition of over 60 oils representing the modern art of Fiske Boyd, 1895-1975. As an early member of the Woodstock Artist’s Colony, Boyd’s work reflects the colony’s movement in the 1930’s towards abstraction with bright colors. A modern folk style is also apparent in Boyd’s still life and figure paintings. Exhibitions include the Whitney Museum, PAFA, AIC, Salons of America, NAD, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, etc., and are accompanied by many awards.

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Still Life with Skull Oil on Canvas 30"h x 40"w Still Life with Skull Fiske Boyd $7,500 inquire
“San Gimignano” Oil on Canvas 20"h x 34"w “San Gimignano” Fiske Boyd $2,500 inquire
Countryside Oil on Canvas 22"h x 17"w Countryside Fiske Boyd $1,500 inquire
Still Life with Red Oil on Panel 14"h x 20"w Still Life with Red Fiske Boyd $3,500 inquire
Still Life, 1948 Oil on Panel 10-3/4"h x 17-1/2"w Still Life, 1948 Fiske Boyd $2,500 inquire
Abstract Figure with Handshake Oil on Canvas 16"h x 10"w Abstract Figure with Handshake Fiske Boyd $1,500 inquire
Abstract Figure Oil on Panel 14-1/2"h x 10-1/2"w Abstract Figure Fiske Boyd $1,500 inquire
Abstract Building, NYC Oil on Canvas 30"h x 24"w Abstract Building, NYC Fiske Boyd $2,500 inquire
“Cows Grazing” Oil on Canvas 30"h x 40"w “Cows Grazing” Fiske Boyd $4,500 inquire