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george barker

George Barker (1882-1965) was a landscape painter from Omaha, NE who studied under Andre L'hote, J. Laurie Wallace and Edwin Scott while in Paris, and it was there he developed his expressive brushwork. Barker went on to teach painting in Omaha, and then in Long Beach, California, where he lived and painted the Southern California coast from Laguna Beach to the Palisades. Eventually Barker expanded to the landscapes of Arizona, New Mexico and other areas of the west painting in the plein air style. Most of the colorful scenes in the exhibition were painted in the 30s.

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Blue Mountain Sunset Oil on Artistboard 10" h x 12" w Blue Mountain Sunset George Barker (estate stamp verso 1948) $650 inquire
Running Riverbed Oil on Artistboard 10" x12" Running Riverbed George Barker $550 inquire
Topanga 1935 Oil on Artistboard 14"h x 18"w Topanga 1935 George Barker $1,250 inquire
Blooming Meadows Oil on Artistboard 10" x 12" Blooming Meadows George Barker $ inquire
Cacti at the Edge Oil on Artistboard 10" x12" Cacti at the Edge George Barker $650 inquire
Grey Hills Oil on Artistboard 10" x 12" Grey Hills George Barker $550 inquire
Hilltop House Oil on Artistboard 10" x 12" Hilltop House George Barker $650 inquire
Impressionist Landscape Oil on Artistboard 12-3/4" x 10-1/4" Impressionist Landscape George Barker $650 inquire
Lilac Mountains Oil on Artistboard 10" x 12" Lilac Mountains George Barker $500 inquire