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joseph di gemma

The exhibition of over 50 works by Joseph Di Gemma, 1910-2005, include harbor scenes, landscapes, and various water views. He exhibited from New York City to the north fork of Long Island to Cape Ann, Massachusetts. Di Gemma is represented in the Metropolitan Museum, Brooklyn Museum, Smithsonian, and others.

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“The Wells House, Southold, Long Island” Watercolor on Paper 13-1/5"h x 19-1/5"w “The Wells House, Southold, Long Island” Joseph Di Gemma $750 inquire
“Half Moon Farm, Tillson” Watercolor on Paper 13-1/5"h x 20-1/2"w “Half Moon Farm, Tillson” Joseph Di Gemma $750 inquire
“Potato Dock, Orient, Long Island” Watercolor on Paper 12-1/4"h x 21-3/4"w “Potato Dock, Orient, Long Island” Joseph Di Gemma $1,000 inquire
“Southold, Long Island” Watercolor on Paper 15-1/2"h x 21-1/2"w “Southold, Long Island” Joseph Di Gemma $1,000 inquire
“Orient Harbor” Watercolor on Paper 16"h x 22"w “Orient Harbor” Joseph Di Gemma $1,250 inquire
“Eastern Point Light, Gloucester” Oil on Masonite 23-3/4"h x 29-1/2"w “Eastern Point Light, Gloucester” Joseph Di Gemma $3,500 inquire
“Packanack Lake, New Jersey” Oil on Canvas 24"h x 31"w “Packanack Lake, New Jersey” Joseph Di Gemma $3,000 inquire
“Our Lady of Good Voyage” Oil on Masonite 30"h x 24"w “Our Lady of Good Voyage” Joseph Di Gemma $3,500 inquire
“High and Dry, Lanesville, Massachusetts” Oil on Canvas 24"h x 34-1/2"w “High and Dry, Lanesville, Massachusetts” Joseph Di Gemma $3,500 inquire