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warren king

Warren King (1916-1978) was an American editorial cartoonist and painter. King grew up on Long Island, NY and studied at Fordham University, the Grand Central School of Art and the Phoenix Art Institute. He briefly worked as assistant for cartoonist Rube Goldberg before becoming editorial cartoonist for the New York Daily News. King received several awards and was a member of National Cartoonist Society, the Society of Illustrators, and the American Association of Editorial Cartoonists.

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The Mine Graphite on Paper 16" h x 11" w The Mine Warren King $300 inquire
US Aid to Middle East Graphite on Paper 15-1/2" h x 11" w US Aid to Middle East Warren King $300 inquire
The Tombs Graphite on Paper 16" h x 11" w The Tombs Warren King $300 inquire
Government Extravagance Graphite on Paper 15.5" h x 11" w Government Extravagance Warren King $300 inquire
Polish Youth Graphite on Paper 14" h x 11" w Polish Youth Warren King $300 inquire
Monkeys Off Your Back Graphite on Paper 13.5" h x 11" w Monkeys Off Your Back Warren King $300 inquire
Propoganda Feast Graphite on Paper 15" h x 12" w Propoganda Feast Warren King $300 inquire
Tomorrow's Election Graphite on Paper 13-1/2" h x 11" w Tomorrow's Election Warren King $350 inquire
Supreme Court Hot Potato Graphite on Paper 16" h x 11-1/4" w Supreme Court Hot Potato Warren King $300 inquire