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“Fire Island, New York” Oil on Panel 23"h x 28"w “Fire Island, New York” Louis J. Borgo $3,250 inquire
“Woman with Rake” Oil on Panel 16"h x 12"w “Woman with Rake” William H. Low $3,500 inquire
“California Poppies” Oil on Canvas 25"h x 30"w “California Poppies” Francis William Vreeland $6,500 inquire
“Boats in Harbor” Oil on Panel 6-1/8"h x 10-1/2"w “Boats in Harbor” Lionel Walden $6,500 inquire
“Sand Dunes” Oil on Panel 10-1/4"h x 14"w “Sand Dunes” Lionel Walden $6,500 inquire
“California Seascape” Oil on Canvas 24"h x 36"w “California Seascape” Alexander A. Dzigurski $3,500 inquire
“A Doorway in Olevano, Italy” Oil on Canvas 18"h x 14"w “A Doorway in Olevano, Italy” George H. Hall $4,000 inquire
Oil on Canvas 18-1/4" x 21-1/2" "Still Life on Chair" Raoul Hynckes $9500 inquire
“Reverie” Oil on Canvas 12"h x 16"w “Reverie” Robert Brackman $2,000 inquire