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Britton’s Mill, Staten Island, 1885 Oil on Artistboard 8-5/8"h x 6-1/2"w Britton’s Mill, Staten Island, 1885 William Rickarby Miller $6,500 inquire
Cold Spring on the Hudson Oil on Canvas 14"h x 24"w Cold Spring on the Hudson Hermann Fueschel $37,500 inquire
New York City Street Oil on Canvas 30"h x 22"w New York City Street Fiske Boyd $3,500 inquire
“Massachusetts Turnpike” Watercolor on Paper 22"h x 30"w “Massachusetts Turnpike” Joseph Santoro $1,250 inquire
Pair of Swans Oil on Canvasboard 11-1/2"h x 8-1/2"w Pair of Swans Benjamin Kelman $1,500 inquire
Mrs. Jones Oil on Panel 32"h x 24-1/2"w Mrs. Jones Waldo & Jewett $3,000 inquire
Road Through Vermont Mountains Oil on Canvasboard 12"h x 16"w Road Through Vermont Mountains Charles Curtis Allen $1,050 inquire
“Beach at Trouville” Oil on Canvas 15-1/4"h x 24-1/4"w “Beach at Trouville” Henri Farre $10,500 inquire
“The Snowbank” Oil on Canvasboard 20"h x 24"w “The Snowbank” Ken Gore $1,600 inquire