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Tangier Oil on Panel 16" x 10" Tangier Harry Humphrey Moore $price on request inquire
Ponte Vecchio Oil on Canvas 20" x 30" Ponte Vecchio Helena Sturtevant $1750 inquire
Hilltop Farm Oil on Canvas 31" x 39-1/2" Hilltop Farm Jason Berger $1850 inquire
Landscape with River Oil on Canvas 30" x 50" Landscape with River Edward Gay $7250 inquire
Oil on Panel 8" x 6-1/4" "Woman at Market" Ivan Olinsky $2250 inquire
Boston School Portrait of Martha Pollard, Lowell, MA Oil on Canvas 60"x 36" Boston School Portrait of Martha Pollard, Lowell, MA Arthur Merton Hazard $8500 inquire
Oil on Canvas 24" x 20" "Garden of Remembrance" Margarita Hahn Vidal $950 inquire
Oil on Canvas 25-5/8" x 32" "Quartuor a Cordes au Concert" Renee Theobald $1350 inquire
Frenchman's Bay, Maine Oil on Artistboard 8" x 12" Frenchman's Bay, Maine John Enneking $3000 inquire